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The Role of Preschool in Your Child’s Development


Childcare involves many components for a child’s development. There are plenty of factors to consider from:

  • the role of the parents
  • their environment
  • the school that they will be attending.

Preschool and daycare are the first learning centers that a child will be attending outside their home. These centers play a noble role in the child’s development. The child will learn new things and gain independence. Preschool also encourages them to apply the skills and character they developed at home.

As a preschool in Columbia, we recognize that the following are the principal contributions of preschools to a child’s development:

  • The center is a child’s home away from home.
    Preschool education is the training ground for children to prepare them for the big school.
  • Our Montessori in Surrey, British Columbia, helps each child build their self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-respect.
    They will discover the importance of their name and the significance of having a voice.
  • Lastly, we offer easy and fun learning.
    With our activities and programs, the child will learn skills that are fundamental to their foundation. We combine fun and learning. That is why kids love and enjoy going to school.

Universal Kidz Montessori School is the perfect avenue to help your children cross life’s journey. We are here to help them develop their character and skills that will be beneficial for their foundation. Teaching them is the stepping ground for a good foundation for a child’s development.

Learn more about us here on our website. Should you want to know more about us, feel free to schedule a tour with us. Should you have concerns about our program, contact us today.

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