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Differentiating Montessori Education and Traditional Education


We all want what’s best for our children, especially when it comes to education. Their early childhood education will have a great impact on how they’ll turn out in the future.

You may have heard about Montessori schools and may be curious to know if it is better than a traditional school. To help you decide, we will discuss their main differences below:

  • Most traditional schools lean towards a teacher-centered approach.
    This means that the teacher is viewed as the expert and he/she imparts his/her knowledge to the students. The students are expected to passively listen and focus while the teacher actively discusses in front. Each lesson is delivered at the same time, pace, and order for all the students. Usually, after discussions, tests with time limits will be taken so that the teacher can assess the students’ understanding.
  • Montessori schools are always learner-centered.
    This means that the lessons, activities, and classroom settings are prepared according to the individual needs of the students. Teachers act as consultants or guides that assist each student towards his/her learning path. Students are active and hands-on in learning as they discover information on their own. They are given all the time they need to work on activities at their own pace and their grades are flexible. It is determined by each child’s developmental range.

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