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Reasons Why Your Child Should Learn History Now


Can you think of certain activities that you were taught when you were a child and continue to love as an adult? Some of the skills and values you were taught when you were little have likely translated into good habits and favorite hobbies later on in life.

Now think of this in terms of history. If your child learns about her history of where they are living as soon as Preschool in Columbia, they will be able to develop a better appreciation for the subject.

There are also other reasons why Universal Kidz Montessori School thinks that starting history lessons for our students in daycare in Surrey will yield many benefits later in life. Let’s talk about them:

  • It teaches them compassion and empathy
    Learning about other cultures and other countries as early as Childcare will help your little one relate to other people who are different from themselves. Exposing them to the history of their own and others’ cultures also makes them more likely to grow up compassionate and socially aware.
  • It helps children develop a sense of identity
    Wanting to know more about oneself is a normal part of being human. Part of that journey is getting to know one’s history. Early exposure to one’s own history will help your child develop a sense of patriotism and pride for their country.

If you want your child to grow up feeling a connection to their own cultures, then give our Montessori in Surrey, British Columbia a call at 604-372-3556. Your child’s education will be in good hands.

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