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Help Your Child Develop Reading Skills


Reading opens the doors to gaining knowledge about the world, cultures, diversity, and more. As a parent, your child can develop this skill with your guidance. Childcare programs are also in place to help your little ones enforce reading for pleasure in school.

At Universal Kidz Montessori School, a reputable preschool in Columbia, we encourage our students to read books of their interest. At home, you can also do so with these tips:

  • Read to One Another

    Whether you or a partner, read to your child every day or night. This will excite them to listen to new stories, characters, or plots. In turn, this will also inspire your child to read to you about the books they love.

  • Be an Example

    In our daycare in Surrey, our teachers are also bookworms! We set an example for our students by sharing our love for reading. But the power of a good example is much more empowering if children can see it with their parents. So read for yourself, too, and talk to your child about the characters, values, or stories you just read.

  • Surround the Home with Books

    Your child is more likely to pick up a book when there’s a lot in their bedroom or around the house. But make sure to display a variety of materials, such as magazines, newspapers, novels, and encyclopedias.

More than reading, your child needs overall quality education to support their holistic growth. For enrollment inquiries about our Montessori in Surrey, British Columbia, please leave us a message at any time.

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