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Is Your Little One Ready to Read?


Children going into our preschool in Columbia are open to a lot of new learnings like reading. But as parents, you should know how to detect signs of reading readiness in your children at home so that you can prepare them for reading by themselves in school. These signs are easily detectable in children as they can be manifested in their everyday behavior.

If you notice that your child is starting to look through books, magazines, or any reading material on their own, that act may imply their readiness to start learning their ABCs. Another thing to look out for is children’s proper gripping of pencils and pens. When you constantly find them holding a pencil or pen, this may be an indication that they want to read and write.

Another manifestation is when children have improved listening skills every storytelling time. By ‘improved’, this means that their attention span, focus, and responsiveness have upgraded since the last time you shared a story with them. These signs are the basic ones to look out for but other indications may also be present.

Knowing if your child is ready to read is important as this can determine their progress in school or childcare, as well as their determination in studying. Considering that young children are still developing basic skills, our daycare in Surrey is always ready to assist in the required steps for development.

To know more about introducing reading to children, call Universal Kidz Montessori School now! Our school’s curriculum implements Montessori in Surrey, British Columbia. We are open for enrollment.

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