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How Interactive Play Impacts a Child’s Development


Playing for kids is labor. It is where they can follow their interests and ideas. In childcare, play is significant because it is highly beneficial in brain building. Interactive play helps facilitate their sensory, motor, social, and emotional skills. Being able to establish a good foundation is advantageous to their developmental milestones.

As a daycare in Surrey, we incorporate interactive play- the way children play together with one another.

Applying this to our Montessori in Surrey, British Columbia, children will begin to interact with the world around them. They learn social skills like:

  • Patience by learning to take turns
  • Sharing
  • Communication

There are plenty of ways to encourage children in interactive play.

Active play is among the options. It will involve a lot of physical movement. Hence, this is beneficial to a child’s coordination, motor skills, and balance.

Role-playing is among the option since the child can recreate scenes based on their exposure to different scenarios in everyday life. This type of play requires being in a group. Thus, the child will learn to collaborate, compromise, and deal with the emotions and reactions of others.

There is also constructive and creative play. The former aims for children to work together to achieve a goal. It will help them develop their problem-solving skills, focus, and attention. The latter uses toys and materials to create a new masterpiece. This type of play uses a child’s vivid imagination- it allows them to think freely and be creative. They will learn how to be mindful.

Montessori learning and interactive play have an essential role in the developing milestone. Universal Kidz Montessori School is a preschool in Columbia. We can provide this type of play and development to your child. Learn more about us here on our website.

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