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Why Arts and Music Are Valued in Early Childhood


Healthy development in the early years of a child’s life will lay the groundwork for lifelong learning, behavior, and health. Children’s experiences during these years, in particular, will give a firm foundation for their cognitive abilities, socio-emotional skills, and the development of interests that will last throughout their lives. That’s why appropriate childcare is a task that parents and early childhood educators must undertake together.

As a Montessori in Surrey, British Columbia, we strive to engage children with various activities that would allow them to explore and promote their different skills. One way of doing that is through arts and music. Here are a few benefits your children can gain from both of these learning modalities:

  • Since music is shared with others through singing, dancing, and playing instruments together, it is essentially a social experience. Thus, it can help children develop social and emotional abilities. That’s why a daycare in Surrey can be very ideal.
  • Music also facilitates language development by assisting children in recognizing different sounds and words.
  • Arts, on the other hand, can help children’s intellectual growth because colors and creativity are very stimulating for a child’s brain. It improves memory, attention, and concentration skills.
  • Art can also foster children’s critical thinking by making a mental representation of what they want to create, and then following through on their plan.

Positive development within this critical window of time cannot be overstated, that’s why we at Universal Kidz Montessori School, a preschool in Columbia, put our best efforts to guarantee that. Learn more about our activities and programs by calling us today!

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