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Preschoolers’ Fine Motor Skills Development


Parents await the different developmental milestones of their children. At each stage, children develop different skills and abilities. Some may undergo advanced development, while others experience delayed development. But either way, children undergo common developmental milestones at one point or another.

When children turn 3 years old, they usually develop both muscular control and concentration, which they need to master various finger and hand movements. These skills come in handy for children in childcare, such as our daycare in Surrey. With precise finger and hand movements, children get to move each of their fingers independently or together. This means that instead of grasping a crayon in the fist, children will be able to hold it like an adult – with the thumb on one side and fingers on the other. This allows children to properly trace a square, draw circles, or scribble freely.

The increased control and sensitivity in a child’s hand will help him or her build towers using blocks, pour water from a pitcher into a cup, unbutton clothes, and use eating utensils to feed himself or herself independently. These skills will also make children interested in discovering what they can do with different art and writing tools. For materials that are sharp or in some ways dangerous to kids, supervision must always be present. This is why our preschool in Columbia offers assistance to kids who are trying out different tools to play with or learn from.

It is important to teach your kids different activities that nurture their hand and finger skills. At this stage, try introducing jigsaw puzzles and pegboards, too! You can also enroll them in our Montessori in Surrey, British Columbia. We, at Universal Kidz Montessori School, are well-equipped in offering quality preschool. Call us today!

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